What Is Squid Luau?

The popularity of the Luau dish made it easy for many to try other ingredients when it is being prepared. If the original recipe of Luau requires taro leaves, there are other recipes where spinach is used instead. For those who want to stick with its original recipe, the squid luau is the traditional dish made by Hawaiians that are usually served at feasts along with other traditional dishes in Hawaii. Some of the popular Hawaiian dishes that are served with it are Kalua Pig, Chicken long rice, Laulau, Lomilomi Salmon, Poi and a wide range of raw seafood and various steamed starches.

In cooking this dish, young taro leaves along with the squid are cooked in coconut milk. Many love this dish mainly because of the complex combination of flavors with the perfect balance of sweetness, creaminess, and saltiness that comes together in every bite. The unique mix of flavors makes it a hearty stew to serve for any occasion.

The different ingredients used for this dish aside from squid is chicken and other seafood and are differently prepared aside from boiling everything with coconut milk.  One way is sauteing the squid in butter first then adding the boiled taro leaves and coconut milk. The squid or chicken are cut into strips and are sautéed lightly to give it a buttery flavor. This method of preparing the dish still gives the dish it’s creamy and savory sweetness flavor that Hawaiians and even tourists love eating in Hawaiian restaurants either on the island or other parts of the world.