Welcome to En Fuego Grill

At En Fuego Grill, we serve your favorite local dishes with a fresh taste and a fresh feel. Since opening ten years ago, we`ve stuck to our vision of putting high-quality, delicious food into take out containers. Our fish is always fresh from Hawaii`s waters, we use local produce whenever it`s available (almost 100% of the time), and all of our burgers are made with organic beef raised on the Big Island! We keep it simple so you can taste the flavors in dishes like Seared Spicy Ahi, Garlic Chicken and Salads with our homemade house dressing. Dine in, Take Our or Cater your next party, we can`t wait to share our fresh take on local favorites – at plate lunch prices – with you!

Our Vision

Excellence in everything we pursue and a dedication to providing the absolute best in freshness, quality, taste, value and service. That through our success, we will be able to help fulfill the Great Commission given by Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

Our mission is to operate our business in the spirit of excellence and service. Our commitment to excellence means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value. We will always serve delicious food that is fresh, clean, simple, and fairly priced.

We recognize that a high level of service is key to our success. We take that to heart and treat each guest in a sincere, professional, honest and friendly manner. We strive to provide a family-friendly environment for our customers and staff alike. We seek out people of strong character to be part of our family, individuals who are honest, accountable and full of integrity. It is our hope to inspire and positively change those we come in contact with.